Earning My Mistrust

I never trusted Eliot Spitzer, I just never knew why … until now

During his run for governor–with those sappy ads–I felt in my gut that this guy was overcompensating and likely hiding something. But what?

I never trusted Eliot Spitzer, I just never knew why … until now

The sappy TV ads that ran on Eliot Spitzer’s behalf during his 2006 bid for NY Governor creeped me out. It was the sentimental images of children playing and waving flags with overly inspirational music preaching in the background. I felt in my gut that this guy was overcompensating and likely hiding something. But what? Today, we all found out.

Allegedly, Spitzer had bought the services of a $1,000/hour hooker as recently as February 13, 2008. It’s claimed that he racked up a $4,300 bill for pleasures rendered and credit for the future. Sure Eliot may have had good taste, at least from the description of the hired hooker as, “petite, pretty, brunette, 5-feet-5 inches and 105 pound.”

In a cold, un-heartfelt press conference today that sadly fell short of a confession, Spitzer said he wanted to, “Briefly address a private matter.” But this is far from a private matter. What he is alleged to have done is illegal. Most disturbing is that if anyone should have known better, this was the guy. As NY’s Attorney General, he was even named Time Magazine’s 2002 ‘Crusader of the Year’.

And so begins the inane chattering of moronic media types asking about Spitzer’s political career and wondering if he should resign. Um, what? He should be arrested point blank. This is not an invitation to debate about whether prostitution should or should not be illegal. The fact is, at this point in our history, it is illegal and as the former top law enforcement officer of New York, Spitzer should be punished the same (maybe even more so) than any other john.

Let’s forget his claims that the time now is to rebuild the respect of his family or that he feels politics should not be about personal issues. This goes well beyond the normal trysts of past politicians. Spitzer has broken the very laws he swore to uphold. If these allegations turn out to be true–and by all accounts, they surely will–he should not only resign, he should turn himself in for criminal proceedings.

A funny aside; Spitzer is a Super Delegate pledged to Clinton. Way to go!

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  1. Ross
    03/16/08 at 1:02 pm #

    If violent crimes have greater consequences when they are ‘hate crimes,’ paparazzi should have tougher penalties when they make traffic violations. Additionally, those sworn to uphold and enforce the law should also be held to a higher legal standard; however, the current state seems the opposite. Finally, the bloggers should be the ones writing the laws. All they need to do is protect the 1st amendment. They are not too likely to create laws to condone immoral ways. This ‘Client Number 9’ (great band name!) thing, when isolated, is more humorous than anything else, but points to a great and tragic irony in our culture. Try to avoid moral grandstanding. We all do something that is shady according to someone else’s values.

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