Imus Offends

Surprise! Imus opened his mouth and said something offensive. But was it really so bad?

We all know Imus got fired last week. He said some nasty things about the Rutgers women’s basketball team. I won’t repeat them, because what he said was just plain stupid. But was it reason enough for being fired or for stirring up such anger? Just a few days later, Carlos Mencia would debut his routine called “Are You Smarter than a Wetback”. Dave Chappelle had produced some horribly, racially charged bits before ‘going crazy’. But did they get fired or even warned?

No. They’ve been called ‘cutting edge’ and ‘dangerous’ and even ‘important’ by the politically correct media. Proving that you can make fun of anyone … as long as you’re not white. Oh wait … can I say that? Will I get in trouble now? Have I invited the wrath of Al Sharpton to rain down on me? Should I just join the fight to clean up the airwaves and curb all racially charged humor? Of course not!

Political correctness is a disease that is corrupting our world. Imus should have been judged based on the fact that the joke was not funnyor for his ignorance and distaste. But do not fire him for exercising the same rights for which others have been praised. Instead use your rights to go on the airwaves and make fun of Imus and those like him. People seem to worry more about what other people say or think instead of the real horrors in the world.

Our media is a mess and our news is a joke. What this country deems important news is sad. The cover of a NY newspaper (I forget which one) today was nearly filled with an image of the father of Anna Nicole’s baby and the baby herself. Way down in the corner was a tiny image and blurb about the shootings in Virginia. Can you say fucked up priorities?

I think we have more to worry about in this country that the rants of an idiot and some guy who may or may not have poked a b-list celebrity. It’s time to grow up America and figure out what’s important in the world. And I’ll give you a hint … no one named Sanjaya is involved.

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