Attention Conspiracy Theorists

9-11 five years later

Two questions that most conspiracy theorists bring up are: What was the ‘real’ reason for Building 7 coming down? How does a 747 with wings leave circular hole in the Pentagon?

9-11 five years later

Two questions that most conspiracy theorists bring up are:

Well, Building 7 was compromised by the shear force of the other two coming down. Remember, much of lower Manhattan is built on landfill. Seismic forces of something the size of the Twin Towers crashing down are both great and unpredictable even in the most stable of environments. Coupled with the fires, yes this actually could bring down a building.

Yes there is the theory that it was demolished intentionally. Again, all this proves is that the building was too damaged and could not be saved. Not that anyone was trying to hide anything. Other buildings were damaged severely. Building 6 was torn down, others were salvageable. What is it about Building 7 that supports a governmental conspiracy? Nothing.

As for the plane hitting the Pentagon, a few things: 1) the angle of impact. 2) the Pentagon is a fortress made of steal and stone (unlike the outer shell of the WTC which are mostly glass). 3) the wings of a plane are it’s weakest point. They would have collapsed into the sides of the plane upon impact. 4) All those who say, “where’s the wreckage?” … it was inside the building which is freakin’ enormous and it was pulverized. Just look at how many tiny bits a plane is reduced to when it hits water.

The problem with all of the conspiracy theorists is that they tend to rely on half of the information and out of context quotes. It’s the same problem with everyone who believes Iraq was involved or that this war is about liberty and freedom. It’s all propaganda.

For example: The eye witness that described what hit the Pentagon as a cruise missile with wings has been repeatedly misquoted by these theorists. His actual statement was that he saw a plane heading straight for the Pentagon and it looked like a cruise missile with wings. He was describing the planes angle of approach and speed.

I’m sorry, most of you know that there is much about our government that I in no way support. However, the plain truth is 9-11 happened the way all of us saw it happen. It sucks, but there it is.

Another bit of advice for all you conspiracy theorists; be careful when listening to people who use an Oliver Stone film as ‘proof’. (

JFK – only one shooter
Jim Morrison – never quit film school


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