It Was About Hatred … Not Envy

9-11 Fives Years Later

I’m sick of the rhetoric, I’m sick of the bullshit campaign speeches, I’m sick of the Bush Administration’s denial of what actually happened

9-11 five years later

I’m sick of the rhetoric
I’m sick of the bullshit campaign speeches
I’m sick of the Bush Administration’s denial of what actually happened

I really do hate the fact that five years later there are still people that don’t realize what happened and that the very term ‘9-11’ has become a bit for politicians to chomp at. We were not attacked because the terrorists were envious of our lifestyle as some are still claiming. This was not done out of envy … it was hatred. And it is sad to say, but much of that hatred is justified.

Don’t misunderstand me, what happened on that day is deplorable and unforgivable. But in order to get past it and avoid it from happening again, we need to understand it. We were attacked because America often let’s down anyone we try to help because our interests differ from theirs. So much so that we cannot even grasp what their interests are.

What is more painful to me than my lost friends is this inane War on Terror our government has waged in the name of that day and those fallen. This despite the fact that there has never been any connection between Iraq and 9-11. Study after study, expert after expert has said this. The war is about oil. Period. Now just think about where it comes from and guess whose economy depends on it the most. But that is a debate for another day.

To fight the war on terror, shouldn’t we be more concerned with the safety of our people here? More than half of the recommendations from the 9-11 Commission and others have yet to be implemented. I have heard dipshit politicians claiming over and over lately that America is safer simply because we have not been attacked in five years. Americans have a lousy memory which brings about a false and very dangerous sense of security.

Remember folks, it was over 8 1/2 years between the two World Trade Center attacks. Both attacks were planned and executed by the same group of people. A group that is patient, purposeful and fanatic. These are qualities that most Americans can in no way relate to. There in lies our greatest security threat.

If you want to win the war on terror, you must first win the war on apathy and blind faith. There are people in this country that supported and voted for Bush in the 2004 election solely on the fact that we were at war. They knew nothing about the actual issues at hand nor did they care to learn. They simply strapped an American flag on their SUV and shut their eyes and ears to the truth.

Now I don’t have the answer on who would do a better job. I just need to believe that someday true change will come. And when that happens, we will look back on 9-11 as a distant horror that can never be repeated because we will have found our peaceful place in the world.

Oh and one last thing … there was no US Government involvement on 9-11. Face the facts and grow up people. Jet airliners filled with fuel traveling hundreds of miles an hour smashing into buildings will explode, they will burn and those buildings will fall. No conspiracy, no explosives, no cover-up. End of story.

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