The Bhutto Blame Game

Moments after this horrific act, fingers were pointing…

I’m not going to speculate on who did this or why. The bottom-line fact remains that Benazir Bhutto, more than most politicians, deserved to live…

Moments after this horrific act, fingers were pointing…

I’m not going to speculate on who did this or why. The bottom-line fact remains that former Pakistani Premier Benazir Bhutto, more than most politicians today, deserved to live. Aside from being the first woman leader of a Muslim country, she actually had an important message to share.

“Despite threats of death, I will not acquiesce to tyranny, but rather lead the fight against it.”

To be honest, with an attitude like that, I’m surprised that she lived as long as she did. However, not as surprising would be the timing of this final attack on her life. Just weeks before the January 8th parliamentary elections, and as the leader of Pakistan’s largest political party, she was preparing for what looked to be a successful comeback. Her politics definitely posed a threat to many of the hardcore, militant Pakistanis not wanting for any change.

And whoever is to blame for this, they were most certainly tired of Ms. Bhutto always cheating death. This time, as she stood up thru the sunroof of her car to greet supporters, she was shot in either the head or neck. To be sure the task was successful, a suicide bomber detonated himself, finishing off Ms. Bhutto and 20 others while injuring about 50 more bystanders. A completely unnecessary tragedy for sure.

Still this whole idea of pointing fingers before any investigation is troubling. The CIA did it. It was Al-Qaeda. My favorite is a forcefully definite yet wholly nonbinding statement from the Chair of the House Sub Committee dealing with South Asia, Congressman Gary Ackerman (NY-D). “This attack was absolutely, although we cannot come to any conclusions, very Taliban-esque in its execution.” What the!?

With everyone jumping on the blame-game bandwagon, it’ll be a miracle if the truth is ever actually revealed. Let’s face it, blind accusations such as these are the reason why there are nearly half of US citizens who still think Iraq was involved in—if not fully responsible for—the attacks on 9/11. Political spinning is what has kept most Americans blind to any resemblance of the whole story. And no, I’m not claiming to have any insight.

I would however like to warn everyone who may somehow not know that we are living in a very dangerous time. Hatred has torn this world apart and a great deal of that hatred is directed at America. It’s time we stop trying to force the world to think like we do and maybe take a moment to learn what they actually want. I mean, what could it hurt? It’s pretty painfully obvious that our government’s current course of action is failing.

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