2010 MurphGuide Party Cruise Gallery

Unfortunately grainy photos that still show all the good times we had on our party cruise

Now I’ve said this many times. Whenever people ask if I’m a photographer, I tell them I’m more of an enthusiastic amateur. Still, I had for a time developed a certain feel for taking pictures. However, I recently began leaving the “big boy” SLR camera at home, opting for my easy-to-carry pocket version.

This being the first time in a while that I’ve taken the SLR out, it’s apparent that I’ve lost some of my skills over time. Or at least my ability to properly set the damned thing before shooting. Many of these shots are grainier than they should be, but they still show the fun we had on the 2010 MurgphGuide Summer Party Cruise.

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2010 MurgphGuide Summer Party Cruise

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