2010 MurphGuide Party Cruise

New friends, good times. The 13th-annual MurphGuide Party Cruise in NYC was a fantastic party once again.

August 19, 2010: Despite a few slight glitches, this year’s MurphGuide Party Cruise was just as fun as ever. I started my evening by walking over to Grand Central Station, from my office. The long stroll allowed me to unwind from the stresses of my week.

The crosstown bus was the usual freak show. Mothers with unruly children. Men who smell as if they haven’t been in the company of bar since their youth (if ever). Women suitable for some housewives-based reality show taking up extra seats so they could have a place for their shopping bag as they spewed office gossip.

Crossing over Eighth Avenue, I realized how early I was. So I got off at Ninth Avenue and stopped into Dave’s Tavern for a few drinks. Did I mention it was a stressful week?

Once at World Yacht Marina (Pier 81 at 12th Ave & W 41st St, NYC), we got the news of a last-minute change of venue. This was glitch number one but not too bad, though. The new boat—called The Cabana—had a smaller indoor area, but the outside area was more spacious than The Temptress. This made for a more relaxed and less crowded atmosphere for those not interested in dancing (like me).

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Glitch number two came as we boarded. There had been an incident in the area that week. This required that every guest be searched for weapons. Only a minor inconvenience in the name of safety, but it did then put us a half an hour behind schedule. We were assured by the crew that the time would be made up in the end by keeping us out on the water until 10:30 instead of the scheduled 10:00 return. This would not be the case.

On the boat, DJL had the music pumping as we lined up for the many (many) trips to the top-shelf open bar. Being a slightly smaller boat, The Cabana was a bit more susceptible to wave and the wakes of passing vessels. This made for a rougher ride, but nothing a few cocktails couldn’t regulate.

The food was delicious and certainly hit the spot for me. Those few earlier drinks at Dave’s Tavern were my only dinner up to that point.

Once fully lubricated and fueled, I made my way around the boat with my trusty camera. I was snapping away my usual warped images and more standard portraits of the pretty ladies, completely unaware that I had not used the thing in ages. I’d find out later that it was not set up properly for the effects I wanted to get. Still, despite the less than stellar quality of the photos, the fun of the evening certainly shined through.

We floated back to the dock at 10:00, despite the promises of the crew that we’d stay out longer. Most of the guests did not disembark when the boat was moored. Instead we kept drinking and dancing. The lights came up, the lights went out. No one was taking the hint. We were getting extra time on board any way we could.

We didn’t quite make it to 10:30 on the boat, but the party did not stop there. As usual, there were a couple of nearby after parties. One was at PD O’Hurley’s right on the river at Pier 84 (12th Ave & W 44th St, NYC).

The other was at River Bar & Grill (500 W 43rd St, NYC). I wound up there thanks to a new group of friends. As I was making my rounds at the end of the night, I noticed this group passing around and taking pictures with a very beat up painting.

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I’d later find out that the painting—named Janice—is a bit of a cult legend. From the looks of her, she’s been around.

River Bar & Grill is a small, friendly joint several blocks from the river. A point my feet kept making as I walked. I could definitely see myself hanging there again. Hopefully with this crowd—or another equally fun group prancing around with some sentimental piece of art.

My last stop of the night turned out to be more of a walk by. After several drinks with my new friends, I walked back to PD O’Hurley’s to see if anyone was around. But they had already moved on, so I took it as a sign to call it a night.

If I was the superstitious type, I’d maybe chalk the few minor glitches up to this being the 13th annual party cruise. But despite everything, this was once again a fantastic party. It did what any good party should.

It stripped away the worries of everyday life. It introduced me to wonderful new people. It fed me and got me drunk and left me with no hangover in the morning.

Thanks to MurphGuide for another great party. See y’all next year!

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