9/11: Ten Years Later

I’m tired. After ten long years, I’m tired of all the fighting. It is time to forget the politics of 9/11 and start helping those in need.

Our country is tearing itself apart despite the promise that we would grow stronger with the years that passed following that tragic day. I hate that the thoughts of that day are so tied to politics that my own posts have for the last few years centered around that circus. Even I began to forget what should have happened.

So this year, things are different. I will let the little pundits and pointless politicians wrestle like children. I will grow up a little, replacing my anger and bitterness over how our country has turned with a sense of gratitude for being alive.

I survived that day. I over slept (as I often do) and couldn’t get into Manhattan. I watched the whole horror unfold from the safety of a NJ cliff. Countless friends have similar stories of inexplicable survival. And while other, dear friends were lost and I will forever miss them, many others were not. And I will forever be thankful for that.

On this the tenth anniversary of 9/11, I have the opportunity to help those that saved lives that day and who continue to come to the aid of victims in times of need. I can hold a small fundraiser at my cafe in Hoboken. Sure we may not raise millions, but who cares. Every little bit counts. Here’s the deal…

Come to D’s Soul Full Cafe (918 Willow Ave Hoboken) on Sunday 9/11/11 for our 9/11 Tip Jar Fundraiser. All tips left in the D’s Soul Full Cafe Tip Jar will be donated to a very special organization called World Cares Center.

About World Cares Center:
World Cares Center was founded in the aftermath of 9/11. Throughout its decade of service, WCC has provided assistance to responders, volunteers, and survivors affected by 9/11, and continues to guide all levels within communities to respond effectively and collaboratively in the face of disasters. This “whole of community” inclusive approach leads to a more resilient recovery.

World Cares Center’s mission is to foster sustainable, locally led disaster preparedness, response and recovery initiatives within communities worldwide.

Come on by. There will be music by Stacy & The Skywalkers. Let’s make this a happier day for everyone. I’m not asking anyone to forget, but it’s time we took the memory of that day and stop using it to beat each other over the head. It’s time to help others instead.

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