9/11: Thirteen Years Later

Sadly, the anger, bigotry and hatred that churned in 2001 still churn today. In many ways they churn harder, hotter and more fierce.

Extremist groups that are offshoots of those we thought we conquered, gain power.

  • Again

Extremist groups that are offshoots of those we thought we helped, turn on us.

  • Again

But now, I fear it’s worse because we fight more among ourselves. We spew hateful venom at each other daily. We celebrate the worst in our society.

I’ve tried to stay positive, to rid my life of negativity but there are those in this world who depend on it. Who profit from it. Whose very existence would cease without it.

  • Governments
  • Corporations
  • Vigilantes
  • Terrorists
  • Military

So, in memory of those lost on that day and in the hope that such losses can be avoided in the future, I’m asking us all to take a moment and assess the actions of our leaders. This is NOT un-American. This is the very essence of being American, of being free. Congress has an approval rating hovering at around 13%. Yet the incumbency rate is 90%. It makes no sense. The only way to effect change is to take action.


Vote in every election. Take note of what your school, city, county, state, country are up to.

If you don’t like it … CHANGE IT!

It’s up to us. We the People. Our so-called leaders won’t help. They can’t. No one in power wants to lose that power. Their only concerns are holding on to and gaining more power. It seems that every other day they want to start a war to prove they have the power. Wars that spawn hatred and put all of us at risk. But, if you make it clear that they will lose their power if they don’t reform their ways, they may reform.

  • It will take time
  • It will not be easy
  • It will be worth it
  • Do it
  • Be a cliche
  • It’s OK
  • Be the change you want to see
  • Don’t depend on anyone else

Never forget.


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