Art In My Coffee (Well, Your Coffee)

OK I confess, I don’t drink the stuff. But that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate some clever and artistic foam work.

Started by Jina Bolton of Sushi & Robots and Meagan Fisher of Owltastic, Art In My Coffee is a Tumblr blog which catalogs latte art from all around the world.

Of course, I may be one of only a few people on the planet who finds the taste of coffee to be downright disgusting. No matter how you try to mask the bean with sweet or exotic peripheral flavoring, I gag. No, really. So I drink tea.

As a tea drinker, I have never come across anyone who with a talent for sculpting teabags into some personal piece of artistic expression. The intricate and whimsical foam designs featured on this blog almost make me wish I liked coffee just for the chance to drink one of these temporary works of art. OK, not really … but still.

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