Artist Ricardo Roig at D’s Soul Full Cafe

Known for his colorful depictions of life in Hoboken, Roig’s work is on display this month at D’s Soul Full Cafe.

Ricardo Roig in his studio

Painter Ricardo Roig‘s work shows Hoboken, NYC and their people in a special light. It’s old fashioned yet brand new. Critical yet nostalgic. Retrospective yet forward looking. Now, you can see it for yourself at D’s Soul Full Cafe (918 Willow Ave, Hoboken).

I stopped by D’s yesterday and the art looks stunning on the walls. Come on by when you get a chance. Have a coffee, grab a bite to eat and check out Ricardo’s work.

From Ricardo’s Website:
My images come from life, dreams, visions, hallucinations, nightmares, but are always experienced through a specific atmospheric space. I attempt to evoke these experiences in my artwork, a representation of my world- through my eyes, mind and heart.

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