Dave’s Tavern, NYC

There are few real dives left in NYC. Blues blaring, cheap drinks served on worn wood tables, Dave’s Tavern is one of them.

There are few real dives left in NYC. Dave’s Tavern is one. I stopped in on my way to the 2010 MurphGuide Party Cruise.

This is my kind of place. Blues blaring. Hard, cheap drinks served on cracked, worn wood tables. Fresh popcorn. Pool table. Oddly juxtaposed brick and white tile. Taxidermy and sports on the TV. OK, those last two are not for me.

A sign above the bar says “I love my bartender” and hard-working locals look to unwind. I’m among them. I could have stayed all night, but a boat was waiting for me. Thankfully, this place will soon be back on my commute home. That makes me happy.

A quick side story. You may or may not remember, but before Foursquare was Foursquare, it was Dodgeball. A simpler, less sophisticated system, Dodgeball was a forerunner to the location-based social networking craze.

Dodgeball used to say I was at Dave’s Tavern when I wasn’t. This was because, being it had a very limited database of places, it often tried to auto correct what it could not find. So when I would check in at the Korean bar called Vesta, the database assumed I was elsewhere because the letters v.e.s.t.a. are in the middle of Dave’s Tavern.

Two very (very) different places, I might add.

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