Discovering Mé Bar in K-Town

The kind of place that I love. Quirky, small, friendly. Not some swanky, uptight hotel perch where everyone is there to be seen.

We ended up here looking for a place to eat. A bunch of friends and I had begun an early night of barhopping and felt some food was in order. Strolling thru the sensory assault that is NYC’s Koreatown, our first choice was my favorite spot for painfully delicious spicy pork and kimchi. Unfortunately, the wait at Kunjip was just too long.

I followed as our group walked into the cookie-cutter, out-of-place LaQuinta Hotel. I was not feeling confident about this, but I let myself go with the flow. Once out of the elevator on the roof, my eyes opened wide and my jaw dropped.

Me Bar, NYC
Photo by A.J. Stabe

The colorful Mé Bar (17 W 32nd St, NYC) was not what I expected. It’s the kind of place that I love. Quirky, small and friendly. This is not some swanky, uptight hotel perch where everyone is there to be seen. It’s more of an escape from the tourist bustle, blinding neon glow and karaoke noise of 32nd Street.

It also doesn’t suffer from the price-gouging virus that afflicts most hotel lounges in NYC. No, it’s not as cheap as a dive, but for the view and the overall atmosphere that kicks ass over many other spots, you won’t break the bank.

Despite it’s alluring motto, “End Everyday with Mé,” the name is actually pronounced ‘may’ and comes from the Korean word for mountain. And while the 14th floor of the LaQuinta Hotel is no mountain, it does raise you up enough to enjoy a relaxing night. That’s it you can find a seat. The place is small, so take that into consideration when you go.

Me Bar, NYC
Photo by A.J. Stabe

The view is amazing to me, even if it is something I see every single day. The Empire State Building evokes a magic that makes movies and songs come alive. I sometimes take this for granted. So the moment I looked up was humbling.

Another advantage of Mé Bar is the food selection. No, they do not serve food. They allow patrons to order from a pile of local menus. Honestly, you can’t go wrong when it comes to food in this tiny neighborhood.

My group ordered food from the newly-opened Bon Chon, which is famous for it’s chicken. I of course ordered the spicy pork tacos.

This was a great jumping point for the rest of our evening. If you’re looking for a change of pace in the middle of everything, check this place out. Open every day, all year long.

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