Gerry Perlinski at Northern Soul

I finally make it out to see a friend perform. Melody and arrangement. Texture and emotion. Gerry’s songs leave an indelible mark on the mind.

I finally make it out to see a friend perform

May 27, 2010: Gerry Perlinski and I used to play together, sorta. In the late 90s, he was in a band called Akasa and I was in a band called Ya-Ne-Zniyoo. Aside from us both being in bands with odd-sounding names, we used to play the same New York/New Jersey club and bar circuit.

We lost touch for a long time until coincidence intervened several years ago. We were both at WE Fest in Wilmington, NC and just happened to be staying at the same hotel. Ever since then, I’d been trying to get to one of his solo shows.

The other night, I was finally able to do just that at Northern Soul (577 1st St, Hoboken). Gerry — with Dan Fabricatore on bass and Jose Ulloa on percussion — played a great acoustic set of songs.

Of course “acoustic” is a bit of a misnomer with Gerry. Nothing can be completely free of his sonic flair thanks a small array of electronics on the floor. Aside from knowing just the right way to spice up his sound, Gerry’s songs are well-crafted and (most importantly) leave an indelible mark on the mind.

This stripped-down format is one I tend to enjoy. It’s also one that can be scary. Songs are expected to stand on their own merits with performers balanced on a wire. Gerry’s mix of melody and arrangement, texture and emotion with the solid backing of his band definitely succeeds.

Below is a video of the guys from an earlier date at Northern Soul.

Gerry Perlinski @ Northern Soul, Hoboken 4/22/10

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