House of the Rising Old-School Tech

From the deep reaches of innovations gone by comes the greatest super group ever to be plugged into a wall socket.

It could be said that many super groups need to be plugged into a wall socket after being dug up from the past to go on tour and pay for investments gone bad. While those other super groups are made up of humans reinforced by certain bits of plastic, this one is made up mostly of plastic. And wires, diodes, metal.

Created by someone calling himself bd594, these old-school printers, scopes, hard drives, scanners and whatnot sync together nicely to bring you some classic-rock goodness. And they bring back the memories of technology that changed our world not too long ago.

I’ve tried to find more about the creator of this piece, but all I could really find were more videos. Videos that are pretty awesome. Some of machines made to make music. Other machines that were not meant to make music that do it remarkably well.

From bd594’s YouTube page
My last couple of videos I built a couple of robot bands (yeah! machines that play actual instruments). These videos didn’t fair as well so i decided to go back to the basics and create a video staring my trustly old HP Scanner and a scrappy old hard drive which was converted into a robotic drum machine. For this video i recorded the audio separately so i could mix it down because the HP scanner isn’t very loud. No effects such as delay and reverb have been used. i was very pleased how the hard-drive drums turned out and they sound great. i will definitely use it in my next video.

Oh, I did find out his real name is James Cochrane and he hails from Toronto.

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