I’m Hosting The 2013 Hoboken Music Awards

On November 23, 2013 we’re taking our party to the newly renovated back room of Willie McBride’s


The 5th Annual Hoboken Music Awards are coming! This is going to be an amazing party. And one that quite honestly almost didn’t happen. From the ongoing recovery from the devastation of Superstorm Sandy to the closing of Maxwell’s, it’s been a rough year for the Hoboken music scene and the city as a whole.

Studios destroyed. People displaced from their homes. Hoboken Music Awards founder Dave Entwistle and I were really not sure not sure who had done what or who was even still active in the scene. Then we announced that were were taking submission, hoping for at least a handful of nominees. Man, were we way off!

A plethora of new projects, new bands, new solo artists came flooding into our website. And so, with that we knew we were set to have an amazing show. But the question still remained; Where to hold our party?

I am thrilled to say that the show will go on in the newly renovated back room of Willie McBride’s (616 Grand St, Hoboken) on Saturday November 23, 2013. Doors are 7:00PM. I’ll be hosting once again. I’ll get to gush about bands I love in a room filled with friends. Who could ask for more? We could, of course.

How about FREE admission before 8:00 (and only $5 after that)?

How about a chance to win a double-neck bass/guitar?

How about this lineup of bands?

So come on out to The 5th Annual Hoboken Music Awards
Saturday November 23, 2013 7:00PM
Willie McBride’s
616 Grand Street Hoboken NJ
Free Admission before 8:00. $5.00 after that.

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