Mustaches vs. Cancer: Week 1

Sponsor my upper lip for a good cause
And it begins. The hardest part so far was shaving off my soul patch.

Sponsor my upper lip for a good cause

This is the beginning of my first week into this Mustaches vs. Cancer thing. The hardest part was shaving off my soul patch. I can’t remember the last time I was completely hairless on my face. But, those are the rules. So, off I go.

This afternoon, I came up with an idea that will not only explaining my weird facial hair over the next few weeks, but raise awareness of the cause as well. Buttons.

Simple and to the point. I wore one for the first time last night, but that may have been a bit premature. Since it was the first day of the campaign, I had yet to have a mustache worthy of discussion. All in due time.

You can sponsor me by making a donation on my behalf and check the progress of my sure-to-be awesome stache on the Mustaches vs. Cancer website. Proceeds go to the Pediatric Department at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

What is Mustaches vs Cancer?
I was asked by Brian Childs of if I’d be willing to grow a mustache to fight cancer. This was at a recent blogger meetup in NYC and, in the environment of jovial camaraderie, I said, “Why of course I would.” Read More

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