Mustaches vs. Cancer: Week 5

Halfway there with good news from homebase!
Plus, a link to a touching story about special little girl. Just one of the children our efforts are helping.

At the halfway point with good news from homebase!

Today begins the fifth week of Mustaches vs. Cancer and we ‘Stachers got a very encouraging email from ‘Stache HQ. It seems that, at this point, we’re already out pacing last year’s rate at just over $22,000 in donations!

Also in this week’s transmission from HQ was a link to a touching story about one of the children our efforts are helping.

Emily Wang (pictured here with her brother) started life as a seemingly happy and healthy child in Brooklyn, New York. That began to change around her second birthday, when she started suffering from abdominal swelling, leg pains, and low-grade fevers.

The changes were explained less than a month later when she was diagnosed with neuroblastoma, a rare cancer of the sympathetic nervous system, for which her parents sought treatment from Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center’s neuroblastoma team.
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We’re only at the halfway point people. So there is still plenty time for you to give and help brave children like Emily and their remarkable doctors in this cruel battle for life that no child—or anyone—should suffer thru.

Finally, on Wednesday November 4, 2009 Mustaches vs. Cancer will be featured in a short segment on ‘The Doctors’ on CBS. Check your local listings for show times or go to So, don’t forget to set your DVR (or VCR if you’re old fashioned) to see some of my fellow ‘Stachers takeover daytime TV!

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