Mustaches vs. Cancer: Week 8

This is it. The final week. Sponsor my ‘stach! Ah, soon will end all of the well-deserved jokes. Like Ron Howard, some of us should not be ‘stached.

Ah, soon will end all of the Magnum PI jokes and references to Tom Tucker and Luigi from Mario Bros. when I enter a room. Not to mention countless pornstar and pervert accusations. Although some of the latter are probably justified.

Soon I’ll begin regrowing my soulpatch. Then the hipster jokes can resume.

Some have said that this hairy-upper-lipped look is a good one for me. I’m not so sure. To me, there are just some people that should not have a mustache. This is best illustrated by the return of Richie Cunningham for the series finale of Happy Days. Even though Ron Howard had been sporting a ‘stache for a while, there was still something off about it.

As years went by, no matter how many times I’d see it, it made me think of that kid skipping rocks on the Andy Griffith Show … just with a bushy ‘stache. It was all kinds of wrong. My brain never knew how to process the images. And that’s how I’ve felt looking in the mirror these past two months.

What’s kept me going thru all of the ridicule and itching? Knowing that the money I’ve helped raise will further cancer research and treatment. The stories of the children have inspired me and others to give, even if it meant doing it in this very silly, fun way. At last tally we were over $40,000!

I’ve featured a couple of stories in my updates, but you can read more about the children at the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center website. Children such as Andrea Coggins who was diagnosed at 16 with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma.

Young Caroline Watters had suffered from birth from an autoimmune disease called Idiopathic Thrombocytopenic Purpura in which the patient’s body attacks its own platelets. And life for Nate Goldstein and his family changed forever when the five-year-old was diagnosed with an advanced sarcoma in his leg.

There are so many more stories of hope, fear, joy and life. Go read them and then go sponsor my ‘stache and let’s raise more money for these children.

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