Look Ma, I’m a Bon Vivant!

Jim Testa of Jersey Beat made my late-night exploits sound downright high class in this interview for NJ.com.

Look Ma, I'm a Bon Vivant!
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As part of his year-end pieces, Jim Testa of Jersey Beat and The Jersey Journal asked to do a short interview with me.

Jim is a music journalist I truly admire because over the years, he has written more about indie music than anyone on the planet. So this was beyond a pleasure for me. I got to wax nostalgic about Hoboken and the good ol’ days of creating paper fanzines by hand. And, his intro really captured my essence … wait … should I be proud of this?

Stephen Bailey is a man of many accomplishments – songwriter, musician, bon vivant; writer, critic, community activist; webmaster and visual artist; not to mention that he’s singlehandedly kept a small army of bartenders gainfully employed at some of Hoboken’s finest drinking establishments.

Well, that does sound so much classier than saying, “That guy who drinks a lot and talks to strangers all night, then goes home to write about it.”

Read more at NJ.com: Blogger Stephen Bailey keeps Hoboken plugged into art, culture, music and life. Thank you Jim!

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