Mick Hargreaves at The Local 269

Stripped-down set of Americana at The Local 269. The room was perfect for the music. Black and brick and thick wood reverberated with twang and acoustic rock.

A stripped-down set of Americana

May 7, 2010: Coming to this show started with an atypically specific email from an online acquaintance of mine named Gary Pig Gold. For a while now, each time I would send out an update to my email list, within an hour or so I’d receive a reply from him with titles like ‘The Pope Smokes’ or ‘Oh, Canada’. These emails were always entertaining and educational.

Gary holding court

The email I received last week was more of a call to action than normal. It told me that there was a show that I needed to see. Having been exposed to the virtual encyclopedic musical mind of this man, I was curious. Also, a mutual friend and former bandmate his David Ribyat (of Las Vandelays) encouraged me to take Gary’s advice on this show.

I made my way to The Local 269 (269 E Houston St, NYC) and the filled little room was treated to a set of raw, stripped-down Americana of Mick Hargreaves. The room was perfect for the music. Dim with light from the evening outside. Black and brick and thick, old wood reverberated with twang and acoustic rock.

Gary joined Mick—along with several other guests—to add harmonies to some of the songs. It was a nice night of conversation and music.

My only regret is I walked out without a CD. Mick was selling them, but my trying to escape the slowly settling claustrophobia made me forget. Oh well, now I have yet another reason to go see him again.

In the meantime, check out this video for his song ‘Bridget’.

Thanks Gary!

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