New Music at Northern Soul

Peoples Open Mic host Dave Entwistle once again expands Hoboken’s music scene.

In a rare moment of good Hoboken fortune, Dave Entwistle of The Peoples Open Mic sent me a very welcomed text. In addition to his Monday nights at Maxwell’s, starting in early December, he will be booking original music every Thursday at Northern Soul (577 First St, Hoboken).

I haven’t been to the bar since 2000 when it was called the Quiet Woman. I liked it then and, if the chatter I’m hearing is any indication, Northern Soul is gearing up to be a cool music venue in it’s own right. It’s small, intimate and just far enough off the beaten path to keep the PATH newbies away.

Those interested in performing need only crack my ultra-high-tech, spam-fighting email encryption code to do so. Send an email to Dave Entwistle at:


If you can’t crack the code then you are very silly and can just send your info to me. I’ll be sure to pass it along to Dave.

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