Rabid In The Kennel Gets Its Own Show!

Brooklyn radio show spinning off on its own. Starting this month, RITK will air monthly thru March and after that, it will go weekly.

Rabid In The Kennel is a live music radio show based out of Brooklyn. Originally, it was presented on the first Monday the month as a segment of Jack Rabid’s The Big Takeover webcast on BreakThru Radio.

Starting this month, RITK will air once a month thru March. After that, it will go to a weekly schedule. For more details, go to rabidinthekennel.com.

Photo Courtesy of thekennelstudio.com

So, what’s the show all about? Simply put, it’s a way for bands to showcase their chops, live in the studio. All sessions are recorded in The Kennel Recording Studio located in East Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Aside from the show, The Kennel has pumped out it’s own share of great sounds including the works of my friends in the band The Sharp Things.

If you’d like to perform on the show, go to rabidinthekennel.com/apply.

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