Rich Collier’s New Show ‘Roll Play’

Equipped with a bicycle chock-full of recording equipment, Rich Collier quizzes New Yorkers and meets some interesting characters along the way.

You may remember Rich Collier from the ambush interview show ‘Subway Q & A‘ where he would ask unsuspecting New Yorkers questions while riding on the (you guessed it) subway. But that wasn’t all. What really made the Emmy-winning show work was Collier’s charm and how he connected with the people he met.

I met Collier in the summer of 2008 at an absinthe tasting event. That night he told about an online series called ‘I Hate Young People‘. In it, he exposed the vapid and often clueless tendencies of many young New Yorkers and the older folks who can’t stand them.

His next project called ‘Roll Play‘ is both a hybrid and an extension of those earlier concepts. Armed with an arsenal of video and audio equipment mounted precariously on a bicycle, Collier quizzes New Yorkers on all sorts of subjects. But, as in the past, what makes this so fun to watch is how he interacts with the personalities he meets along the way.

Check out the Roll Play trailer:

‘Roll Play’ is now in production and will be rolling out this spring in close to 7.5 million households. That’s approximately 20 million viewers.

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