Runaway Bridesmaids Run For A Cause

Wear a dress. Run a mile. Raise some cash. It’s not just for the ladies either. You men are invited to join in as well.

My friends Holly, Jen and Amanda (aka The Lost Girls) have put together a very interesting and fun way to raise money for a serious cause. In a nutshell, you take that old bridesmaid dress some bride swore you’d wear again and you … well … wear it again. But wait, there’s more. You finish off the outfit with a pair of running shoes and you run.

Yep. You run in that dress for one mile in NYC.

They’re calling it ‘Runaway Bridesmaids‘.

Sorry guys. Do you feel left out? Well guess what; you don’t have to. Are you man enough to don a dress and run with the ladies? If so, you can take part as well.

Why are they doing this? They’re raising money for Village Volunteers and their partner New Light which provides shelter, healthcare, education and hope for children of sex workers in India’s largest red light district.

A team of runners will be all dolled up and running The 5th Avenue Mile on September 22, 2012, taking pledges along the way. If you want to run (or if you want to pledge), there’s still time. Just go to The Lost Girls’ CrowdRise page for more details. You’ll also learn more about the charity and future plans for five of the bridesmaids to run the full 26.2 miles of the New York City Marathon on November 4, 2012 (yes in their dresses).

Here are Jen, Holly and Amanda to tell you more:

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