Stacy & The Skywalkers at Northern Soul

It was a night of discovery as Hoboken friends band together to make new music

Feb 24, 2011: I walked into Northern Soul (557 First St, Hoboken) and the middle of a rally of some sort for Rami Pinchevsky who is running for Hoboken city council. I wasn’t here for him. I was here for my friend Stacy Weidenmuller and her new band.

You may know Stacy from the band Las Vandelays. Stacy & The Skywalkers is something different. An escape from those samba sounds for a cool, folk-rock sound. Deeply poetic in tone and emoting a cool confidence, this is a great showcase for her voice.

The band was made up of local musical heroes. Lloyd Gold of Lloyd United on bass (which was new for me to see) and mandolin. Fellow Las Vandelays bandmates David Ribyat on guitar and Tom Costagliola on percussion.

Some of the songs were familiar to me, but done with a new twist. It’s fun when I get to see my friends doing something new. Especially when it’s this good. Hopefully Stacy & The Skywalkers will have recordings available online soon.

For now, keep an eye out for the next showcase in Hoboken.

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