The Pier Sessions 2010

Bringing local music and art to Hoboken’s waterfront with an amazing backdrop

Bringing local music and art to Hoboken’s waterfront

I’ve lived in this part of NJ for my entire life. I’ve complained a lot about the hustle, bustle and assorted bullshit that comes with living in the shadows of the NYC skyline. I’ll make my threats of packing up and leaving about two or three times a year.

But then, something happens that reminds of why I live here.

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Thanks to local music aficionados Lea Noelle Simone, Marc Giannotti and Scott Katz, such a reminder came in the form of bands, art, bar service and friends out on the waterfront of Hoboken. Pier Sessions is a truly amazing series.

With that ever-present skyline as a backdrop and the water flowing beneath the grass of the pier at Shipyard Marina (1301 Sinatra Dr, Hoboken), the nice cooling breeze on a hot summer night, music is performed by the area’s finest talent.

Vendors are on hand selling arts, crafts and assorted chotchkies. Food is provided by The Taco Truck on 14th Street.

Happening on alternating Thursdays in the summer, The Pier Sessions is not to be missed. Not only do you get all that I described above, you get it with no cover charge. Plus, get a wrist band good for discounts at DC’s Tavern (505 8th St, Hoboken) afterward.

I was there on July 8. A night which featured the musical talents of:

The next one is set for July 22. Performing that night will be:

This event happens every other Thursday, rain or shine.

Beach chairs are welcome but no dogs allowed.

Donations for the bands are appreciated.

For more details, join their Facebook Group.

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  1. Ian Wilson
    07/23/10 at 5:42 pm #

    Stills of Secret Country from the 22nd on my company FB page link above–

    You speak the truth!

    East View Photography

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