Fellow Follower of Spam Poetry

I found another person with a fascination for those little works of literary art oddly embedded in the body of junk email.

I knew I wasn’t the only person out there with a fascination for Spam Poetry (those little works of literary art oddly embedded in the body of junk email). After all, I didn’t just one day spontaneously come up with the idea. I was inspired by Vin Scelsa — a disc jockey who used to read these gems on his Idiot’s Delight radio program.

Still, I was surprised to see a comment on one of my Spam Poetry posts that simply said, “Perhaps of interest,” with a link to blog post called ‘A Word on Spam Poetry‘.

The post was on a site called Maximum Fiction run by Ed Desautels who considers himself to be either a writer with a golfing problem or a golfer with a writing problem. He takes a different approach to Spam Poetry than I do.

Where I simply cut and paste the gems of found poetry verbatim as I find them, Desautels takes a more active role in his final creations. He explains his methods and offers samples of his poetry in his blog post.

Go check it out. It’s really cool stuff, as is the rest of what he has on his blog. There you will find his musings on life, samples of a musical project called April 25, excerpts from his novel ‘Flicker in the Porthole Glass’ (MAMMOTH Books, 2002), and more.

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  1. Ed Desautels
    12/21/10 at 7:39 am #


    Many thanks for the kinds words. Quite kind of you.



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