This is Not the End of a Decade

You can lose the lists but keep the resolutions. This is just the end of another year, not of a decade as everyone thinks.

This is the end of a year, not a decade as everyone thinks. The same way the beginning of the millennium was 2001, not 2000 (because there was no year 0), the beginning of the next decade will be 2011. So save your decade’s ‘best of’, ‘worst of’, ‘biggest’, ‘funniest’, ‘whatever’ lists for twelve more months.

However, in the spirit of the coming of a new year, I will talk about resolutions. You know, those meaningless promises we all make that we never keep. Without even looking at my list from last year, I can bet that anything I say this year will be redundant and destined for the same trash bin of my subconsciousness.

Good health? Yeah, that tops the list again. And — like last year — my doctor has had something to say about it. I’ve been given until March 2nd to lower my cholesterol and blood pressure before they talk about drugging me up.

Better business? Yeah, that too. I’m still neck-deep in the muck of magazine websites and wonder how long I still have. Ten years of creating and/or improving sites for corporate entities who got rich while their workforce got slashed has all but taken it’s toll on me.

The next step would be to create something of my own. I need to prove that the success I’ve brought to others has been more than a fluke.

New home? Definitely. A new apartment would be nice. Of course I’d like to buy something, but the cost of living in the New York area is prohibitive. Lately I’ve been fantasizing again about leaving the hustle, bustle and smells of the city for a more secluded existence. Say, for example, an Earthship in New Mexico.

Those are my three. I could list more (like trying to be on time, to read more, to get a haircut) but, since I never keep my resolutions, I thought it would be best to aim high. I thought it also best to keep things somewhat vague.

I do plan to succeed big (or so I tell myself), but if the goals are too specific, so would be the excuses to fail.

What are your resolutions? And will you stick to them this time?

Happy New Year everyone!

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