Tom Waits for the Homeless

Musicians gather for a cause in Hoboken. A great night of musicians united to raise money for The Hoboken Shelter thru the music of Tom Waits.

Musicians gather for a cause at Northern Soul, Hoboken

June 03, 2010: This was a great night with many musicians united to raise money for Hoboken Homeless Shelter. Their mission is to transform lives of those in need. They provide meals, shelter, and support people in the struggle to find housing.

Local musicians Roland Ramos and Paul Weiss organized the event which featured the songs of Tom Waits at Northern Soul (577 First St, Hoboken). To raise money, Roland handed out envelopes so that folks could give anonymously.

Evey little bit helps in the shelter’s mission. According to their website, $2.00 is all it takes to provide one healthy meal.

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Usually, the worst thing about any tribute show is the inexplicable need for folks to sing the songs that everyone already knows. With Tom Waits however, that was avoided thanks to the sheer breadth, depth and width of his catalog. By his very nature, Waits tends to appeal to those looking for the obscure.

You could tell that everyone here had a true admiration and passion for his music, no matter what era of Tom Waits they were representing. And there are quite a few eras to choose from. Jazz, gospel, blues, beatnik poetry, folk, mind-fuckingly abstract avant art rock, cabaret, and so on.

The night progressed into a celebration of life. A recognition that what we have is not what everyone has. It may seem strange to dance about a problem in search of a solution. But we are music makers and music lovers and this is what we do to help those in need. Those who cannot dance.

One of my favorite songs from Tom Waits is ‘I Don’t Wanna Grow Up’. It’s probably the closest thing he ever had to a big hit (that he recorded himself). It was not performed tonight, but here are two great versions. First The Ramones rock it out and then the maniacally brilliant original video:

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