Would You Travel To The Moon?

If given the chance, would you travel to the Moon?

Entrepreneur Tammy Camp recently announced that she plans to one day travel to the moon. So this made me wonder if I would ever take such a leap.

And yes … yes I would. Would you?

If you could, would you travel to the moon?

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One Response to “Would You Travel To The Moon?”

  1. CraftLass
    03/04/11 at 11:33 am #

    Personally, I know a lot of people working at this very project, people who actually have the money and skills to pull it off. Since President Obama gave his KSC speech about how we’ve, “Been there, done that,” I’ve been very sad, we still know not nearly enough about the moon still and it’s time for actual humans, especially scientists, to get there again. Frankly, it’s time to colonize, it’s totally feasible now in a way it never was before. The fact that brilliant entrepreneurs are focusing on filling the gap created by the President’s direction for NASA gives me hope that we will soon be learning the secrets she still holds.

    I want the 13th person to step on the moon to be a female scientist, as only 1 scientist has ever been there and not one woman. Followed quickly by all sorts of people! :)

    Great poll question!

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