WTF Hoboken! A Walgreen’s?

Seriously now this is crazy. CVS, Rite Aid, A&P, King’s, Shoprite and now this? Why?

Seriously now this is crazy. In the city limits of Hoboken, we have two CVS stores (one open 24/7, the other not). We have two Rite aid stores (one open 24/7, the other not). Then there are two King’s supermarkets, an A&P and a Shop Rite. We have a number of privately-owned pharmacies and grocers as well.

Keep in mind that Hoboken is but one square mile of residential space and home to less than 40,000 people. So why in the world do we now need a Walgreen’s? Also keep in mind that the location of the Walgreen’s (in the old bank building on First & Washington) is but one block from the aforementioned 24/7 CVS.

Can’t this city do more than welcome these chain stores that do little to nothing in the way of bettering quality of life? How about a theater for plays and independent film? After all, Debaun is under the rule of Steven’s Tech which tends to forget it’s even part of this city. And forget the new movie theaters. They’re too caught up in gauging prices for overrated 3D disasters to care.

Perhaps an indoor farmer’s market to give even more vendors a chance to participate. Or a mixed use venue that can accommodate a myriad of events or purposes.

Yes, I know I’m just screaming against the wind here, but it is increasingly frustrating to watch as Hoboken continues down this path to a whitewashed and bland existence.

It felt like we had made a considerable amount of progress over the past year or so. For things to just go back to the status quo of make money at any cost is sad.

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