Cobtree Vacation Resorts, Geneva NY

Less of a resort and more of a home away from home, it’s the perfect way to ease away the stress of the city without having to go too far.

Cobtree Vacation Resorts, Geneva NY

I don’t travel nearly enough. I don’t get out of the city enough. My excuses are that it’s too hard, too expensive, too whatever. But a recent trip to Geneva, NY with friends showed me a new way to think about things.

We were there for the Seneca7 relay race. Our home base was a quaint cottage on Seneca Lake which was part of a development with the the somewhat misleading name of Cobtree Vacation Resorts. Owned by a charming English gentleman and his Chinese wife (and their delightfully large, playful dog Chico), this countryside sparsely dotted with small houses overlooking Seneca Lake did not conjure up images of a typical resort.

So, where were all the amenities like an overcrowded pool? Bars with watered-down drinks? A nightclub with flashing lights and skull throbbing beats? An overpriced restaurant serving variations of bland food? Throngs of tourists shopping for corny souvenir trinkets?

They were decidedly and happily far, far away.

Cobtree Vacation Resorts, Geneva NY

This place is made for relaxing. It’s branded into its very DNA. You simply can’t be stressed out here. From the views to the silence to the clean air, it all seems to be designed as one big therapeutic spa. Being the one in my travel group who has traveled the least, I felt the effects of this place almost immediately.

Sleeping thru the night with the cold lake air wafting thru the windows. Actually waking up refreshed long before anyone and sitting outside, drinking tea and overlooking the green grass and trees leading down to the lake. I felt the grime of the city peeling off of me.

Cobtree Vacation Resorts, Geneva NY

So, what about the amenities we did have? Our cottage (Seneca Cottage) had a full kitchen, two baths, three bedrooms, a fireplace and sleeping space for six. There is actually room for eight if you count the futon in the living room. We had a supply of all necessary supplies like glasses, flatware, towels, bedding, etc. There’s a dishwasher (very handy) and even laundry in the basement for those longer stays.

Cobtree Vacation Resorts, Geneva NY

Ours was a weekend trip and the price was just remarkable for what you get. Depending on when you stay, the rates vary on the larger houses (like ours) from $200 to $400 per night. There are also weekly rates available from $1,200 to $1,500. Considering what you get and the fact that you can split it between six people or more, it’s a bargain.

Cobtree Vacation Resorts, Geneva NY

There are smaller houses available for less money as well as ones with corporate meeting rooms. You’d never know this from the road. It had to be pointed out to me. This place is perfect for small group looking for a quiet getaway near the finest wineries in the area. Or larger parties (weddings, etc) near that gorgeous lake. Or a business retreat for those rare corporate types who actually care about the welfare of their people.

As a person who rarely travels, I learned a hard lesson about short trips. Flying to upstate NY from NYC is a waste of time. Sure the drive would have been about five hours and the flight was less than one hour. However, when taking into consideration that getting to and from NY airports sucks and flying to and from NY airports sucks, my misguided choice to fly took me well over six hours in the end.

No matter from where you’re coming, if you should find yourself in Geneva, NY with five of your friends in need of a place to stay, stay here.

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