Meet Patty Hodapp, Travel Writer

This talented young travel writer needed help building a new website. How could I say no?

Just over a month ago, I met Patty Hodapp, a young travel writer working with The Lost Girls. She was in need of help migrating her free blog to a more professional looking site of her own. This was a fun project for me for several reasons.

First of all, I love working with great people and I can always depend on Jennifer, Holly and Amanda of The Lost Girls to introduce me to great people.

Second, I’m a total nerd. I love diving into lines of code just to see what I can break (and I’m very good at breaking things). Of course it’s just as much fun building things.

Finally, I don’t get to travel as much as I would like. So when I meet someone who is quite literally half my age and has seen more of the world then I’ve seen of New Jersey, I get to live vicariously thru that person.

Patty is remarkable in her fearlessness. She has been making her mark on the world since she was a small child. Combine that with a natural gift for words, and what you have are the makings of an amazing talent. Plus, she’s a delight to work with, despite our late-night (early morning) email rodeos trying to rope in a color here or a font there (and you know I loved every minute of it).

I’m very proud to announce that we launched the brand-new this week. So go, meet Patty, read her stuff and take her advice. If you want to travel, add her to your list of resources. You’ll be glad you did.

And if you need a website … you know who to contact.

From Patty’s Site:
An expat since age 10, I’ve set down roots (and racked up mileage) all over Europe. My former addresses abroad are scattered across the map– a rural cottage on the west coast of Ireland, a two-story house near Cambridge, England, a cramped flat in central London, and a stained glass villa in Florence, Italy. During summer 2009, I lived under the Tuscan sun writing about Italian men, discotheques, pasta, wine, and renaissance art. Afterward, I backpacked solo to the Greek Islands and Spain. I landed back in the US with a fully stamped passport, a Mediterranean tan, and a thirst for more travel.

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