NYC Halloween Parade Needs Your Help

The famous Village Halloween Parade in NYC has come upon some rocky financial times, losing about 50% of their usual funding.

Photo from 2009 by John Basile

In this economic climate, everyone suffers. Having lost a major sponsor, the organizers of the 38th Annual Village Halloween Parade have implemented the ‘Donate a Dollar’ program. Simply put, if you love NYC, Halloween, or both then you can give as little as one dollar (or as much as you want) to help keep the tradition going.

Photo from 2009 by John Basile

Every year the parade brings a free night of vibrant and much-needed entertainment for all to enjoy. You can help to preserve this festive spectacle of New York City madness that so many folks have enjoyed for nearly four decades.

To donate, go to Then come out on Sunday, October 31 on 6th Avenue (from Spring St to 15th St) from 7:00 – 10:30 pm.

Photo from 2009 by John Basile

For those of you who want to show off their best costumes and join in the festivities, go to for important details on where and when to line up for the parade. There are of course tips for we the shy spectators as well.

Photo from 2009 by John Basile

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