Goodbye TV, My Old Friend

A few flashes. Everything went green. And I knew. I’ve had this television for over 15 years. I’ll miss my old Zenith. It served me well.

I’ve had this television for over 15 years. It was a gift from my parents and has followed me on countless moves. It may not healthy to get emotionally attached to inanimate objects, but a television is different. It’s a relationship that goes deeper than any other memento or thing or gadget because most of what we place value on is not the object, but rather what it offers.

Just before leaving the apartment for the last time

I grew up on television. It’s been a welcoming hum in the background when I work or sleep or just need to break the silence. At it’s best, it’s a source of inspiration and entertainment. At it’s worst it’s the bane of many an unproductive hour.

I once created a trafficking and inventory database for a client in Thailand while watching a documentary on the history of The Concord. Then I stood up and threw my back out, but that’s beside the point.

On the flip side, I’ve procrastinated many more projects in order to catch the next Star Trek or Bugs Bunny or history of the gun or whatnot.

Once, in an effort to be more productive, I canceled my cable. Yeah, that didn’t last very long. Within a few weeks I found myself jonesing for Law & Order. The original series. Specifically episodes with Jerry Orbach.

As kid I once disobeyed my mother to sneak into my grandmother’s room (we were living with my grandparents at the time) to watch Fonzie jump fourteen garbage cans. Spoiler alert; he makes it but crashes into Arnold’s newly-built fried-chicken stand.

I could bore you with more examples. Evel Knievel jumping over (or crashing into) Snake River Canyon. Nixon’s resignation. Elvis Presley’s last concert. Uncle Floyd. MTV. Space shuttles. 9/11. SpongeBob. Obama.

Movies that made me laugh when I needed it. Movies that made me cry when I needed it. Shows that made me angry. Shows that made me think. I can only assume that, if you’ve read this far, you’re not bored yet. So I’ll stop.

I’ll miss my old Zenith. It served me well. Luckily I was able to hook up another television set. Also from my mother. Also a Zenith.

I should go. The Venture Brothers is coming on.

Then I’ll switch over to Futurama.


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