Chatroulette Piano Improv

Finally, a non-gross Chatroulette-related post. Beyond the total creepiness of this tool for gross human interaction we find Merton and his piano.

Amid all the schlongs of hairy pedophiles and unsuspecting newscasters trying again to do a hip new story about some crazy interweb thing. Just beyond the Chatroulette creepiness we find Merton. A man with a piano and a mission.

Merton wears a hoodie and glasses, so at first glance, he could be any other troll on this new tool for gross human interaction. But give him a moment and you’ll see everything change. Merton starts to play his piano, improvising songs about the random connections he comes across. And does it amazingly well.

Fun Facts about Merton:

  • No piano lessons. He is self taught
  • He is not Ben Folds (I’m not convinced of this)

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