‘The Debt’ by Julia Nunes

Adorable ukulele songstress accompanies herself (literally) in this cool video

I saw this video posted somewhere and I’ll admit it, I watched it because I thought the girl was adorable. There, I said it. And it would have ended at that except for one thing. This is a really cool video and song.

Julia Nunes is part of a wave of ukulele enthusiasts that have continued to expand on the reputation of what many think of as a novelty instrument. Her stuff is fun and catchy and her videos reflect that. Especially this one for ‘The Debt’.

Creating a rhythm tapestry from finger snaps, tongue trills, lip pops and assorted head and hand noises, Julia mixes in her bluesy vocals over ukulele strums. And she has been making quite a name for herself with quirky covers as well as her own tunes.

Judging from her over 190,200 followers and over 43,000,000 video views on YouTube, it’s pretty obvious that I’m a late comer to the Julia Nunes party. Well, better late than never. It doesn’t matter when I discover an artist I like. All that matters is that I do.

The original version of ‘The Debt’ can be found on Julia’s album ‘I Wrote These’.

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