What is Hillary’s Problem?

Refusing to concede even though the race is clearly over. WTF!

She needs to stop fretting over her apparent need to rule the world and do the right thing for a change.

Refusing to concede even though the race is clearly over. WTF!

So, why is she holding out? Some say it’s so she gets the shot at being VP. This logic is … well … illogical. No matter what her supporters think, an Obama/Clinton ticket is not a winning formula. And all she is doing right now is continuing to muck up an already mucked up race.

She’ll probably refuse to give this baby back too…

On the subject of her concession, she told supporters at a rally in New York, “I want what I have always fought for: I want the nearly 18 million people who voted for me to be respected and heard.”

If I may have a moment to speak directly to Mrs. Clinton…

Face it honey, you lost fair and square. Those 18 million votes were taken seriously, there just wasn’t enough there to give you the win under the current rules. And no matter how convoluted those rules may be, the race is over and a choice has been made. Were you the kid in the playground that cried foul or do over every time you lost a game? Don’t answer … I know already.

Can’t you be content in the fact that it was an historic race, closer than anyone expected? But right now, at this point in history, you have a choice. The time has come to stop thinking about yourself. It’s time to finally think about this country you claim to care so much about.

You’re not going to be VP. Or at least you shouldn’t be. It’s not the winning ticket your advisor’s say it is. Do you expect us to believe that suddenly you and Obama will work together? After all of the fighting and taunting?

My advice to you is concede now and hold out for a seat on the Supreme Court. Despite my criticisms of you, this is one place I think you could do some good. If you ever decide to actually do some good.

Stop fretting over your obsession with ruling the world and try something new for once in your career. Like maybe doing what’s right for the rest of us. You know … that country you claim to care so much about?

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  1. Stephen Bailey
    06/05/08 at 2:43 pm #

    NOTE: A point was brought up by David of The Squids Ink. A really good position for Clinton in Obama’s camp would be something like Secretary of Health and Human Services or even Health Czar. Oh she’d like that … Czar! It certainly has an air of power to it.

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