I’ve Bloggified Myself (Again)

Yep, I know. I fought this for years … but here I am …

I tried to set up a blog many moons ago and the experience left me cold and unsure of the world around me. And I went around screaming about my hatred for the word ‘blog’ because…basically… it’s not a word, really. It’s the product of lazy web buzz-addicted types who felt the need to shorten the phrase ‘Web Log’. Or they were too cool to use the word ‘Journal’.

And as I wrote and posted and wrote and posted, etc., I would quickly, angrily correct anyone who called my site a ‘blog’ or referred to me as a ‘blogger’. After all … I’m a publisher (or so my arrogant ego would try to tell me). But as time went on and my output began to outweigh my ability to put out, I needed to revisit the need for a convenient, remote publishing system. And in the end I realized that I my style of publishing was (gasp) ‘blogging’ in the eyes of the world. Oh how I weeped that night.

So, long story short … I discovered the amazingly simple-to-customize world of WordPress. I brushed up on my CSS and PHP skills and here you have it … a ‘bloggified’ version of StephenBailey.com. It’s gonna take me a while to get all of my articles moved over. In the meantime, the old site is still up. You can get there by clicking here.


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