Calling All Hoboken Writers

Hoboken Lifestyle magazine h-MAG is now taking submissions for online articles.

How would you like to bask the glow of local infamy? Well, now you can because Hoboken lifestyle magazine h-MAG is taking submissions for online articles.

The process is simple. Just go to, set up a free profile and then start plugging away. Hold on cowboy (or cowgirl), the do have rules:

All articles should be Hoboken-related and have a positive slant that benefits the town or topic it’s about. They’re serious about helping the Hoboken community.

Once entered into the system, your article will be added to their queue. If approved, it will be put up on the website and they may even contact you about sending a photographer out to get some shots for your article!

To find out more, or to get started, go to their official Submission Page.

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