Hot Rod Publishes All Of Their Covers

Even if you’re not a hardcore hot-rod hobbyist, this book will tug at the motorway fantasies of all American guys.

Hot Rod Publishes All Of Their Covers

I was never much of a car geek. I never spent hours in the driveway adding some mod to my ride to show it off to the world. Not even as a teenager when I owned a kick-ass ’76 Chevy Nova, which was ripe for it. Nope, I was perfectly happy with it’s factory-standard, light-blue, no-frills build that got me from point A to point B.

That didn’t stop me from thumbing thru my collection of Hot Rod Magazines to admire the workmanship and dedication of true enthusiasts. I’d fantasize about what it would be like to find myself elbow deep in grease and sweat, then cruising the streets later that night. Maybe grabbing a burger and a milkshake and swapping automotive war stories with my compadres. But then I’d realize I’d rather spend money on music and beer.

Hot Rod Publishes All Of Their Covers

Still, the release of this book with a painfully obvious title called ‘Hot Rod Magazine All the Covers‘ is something to be celebrated. Like it or not, the car is etched in the very stone of American culture. And the hot rod is to the car what Jazz is to music.

Hot Rod Publishes All Of Their Covers

Since 1948, Hot Rod Magazine has featured some of the most amazing cars on it’s covers, built by regular guys. As the standard bearer for all things cool on the road, being picked for a cover would be the ultimate achievement for any hardcore hobbyist.

Whatever anyone’s thoughts about the environmental impact these bad-ass machines may have on the world, there is still a teenager in every American guy that dreams of owning one of them or — at the very least — dreams of taking one of these babies out for a spin thru the desert or along a coast somewhere. Even if it’s just until you happily fall back into your sensible and kind Honda Civic (like me).

Hot Rod Publishes All Of Their Covers
I had to include a page from the year I began driving

And who knows? Perhaps the Telsa Roadster is an omen of things to come. Could there be fuel-efficient (or even fuel free) versions of the Hot Rod coming in the near future? Maybe, but for now, let’s look at the pretty pictures.

Hot Rod Publishes All Of Their Covers

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