Inspiration vs. Desperation

While one man is truly making history, the other is grasping at desperate straws

Last night, like many folks, I was a witness to history. As I sat alone in my apartment, fixated on the TV screen, I got chills and even cheered a couple of times. What made this moment historic and chill-worthy was not just that Barack Obama is the first black candidate for President.

The meaning goes so much deeper than that as we approach the end of an eight-year debacle with a president who skated past much-deserved talks of impeachment and has yet to answer for his actions. The last thing we need is a ‘Bushie’ in office like John McCain regurgitating the same policies he once spoke out against.

This speech by Obama spoke directly to that need for change. Some critics tried to say we’ve heard it all before. The truth is, yes we have. But that is because the argument for change is so important and should not be forgotten. Yes, I admit to not being a big Obama supporter early on. He worried me as a guy with lots of nice things to say, but no substance. However, the more I listened over the campaign season, the more I grew to understand and respect him.

Today, as the inspiring words of Obama continued to ring in my head, John McCain showed his true political colors in his VP announcement. I have nothing particularly bad to say about Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. I just can’t see how she’d even make the short list of choices if this was based purely on qualifications. But of course the answer is sadly, embarrassingly obvious.

The move so clearly reeks of politics-as-usual from the Republicans because disgruntled Hillary Clinton supporters continue with their vows to tank this election by voting for McCain in protest of Hillary not getting the nomination. So what better way to woo this group of shallow, uninformed voters than by pandering to their sense of outrage and entitlement?

Now before I get any angry replies, let me just say that I have no problem with a woman being president or vice president. My only criteria is for that woman to be the right person for the job. To say, “I’m voting for so and so because she’s a woman,” is just plain stupid. Vote on the issues, not the gender.

Like it or not, we are truly at a point in history where this election can’t be taken lightly. If you had supported Hillary thru her bid for the nomination, then you were presumably against Bush’s policies. Therefore (by association) one would assume you are against McCain’s policies. The core philosophies of the Democratic Party would seem to say that you should support Obama since he is more likely to enact the policies you do agree with.

If you’re a McCain supporter based on the issues, fine. I can accept that. However, don’t let some ridiculous emotional breakdown or bruised pride govern your decision. Don’t let this blatant attempt by McCain to deal the gender card fool you. It’s the last act of a desperate man trying to buy the votes of frustrated Hillary supporters. And by what I’ve seen posted around the web today, it may work.

I beg all of you who are anti-Bush and pro-Hillary to think before you throw some misguided temper tantrum in the voting booth. It is time to rise above the politics and rid the White House of Bush’s agenda once and for all.

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One Response to “Inspiration vs. Desperation”

  1. T.S.Ackerman
    08/30/08 at 11:34 am #

    Excellent post. I was hoping (but not expecting) to see HRC on the Dem ticket, but was disappointed (confused) by McCain’s choice of Palin. If the problems are as serious as McCain claims, someone with the knowledge and experience to help solve them would have made for a good choice.
    Yes, McCain is desperate. And the GOP convention next week should show that clearly.

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