Yes We Did!

We witnessed history both good and bad

Yeah, corny title. But what happened last night was–in every sense of the term–historic.

What did we do? We witnessed history both good and bad

Yeah, I know … it’s a corny title. But the fact remains that what happened last night was–in every sense of the term–historic. And not just because America elected a black president (with no help from Jack Bauer, thank you).

We saw a speech by McCain that, had he handled himself with the same level of dignity and grace throughout his campaign–and chose another running mate–the results could have been very different today.

We saw the longest campaign season in history (two plus excruciating years in fact) finally come to an end.

We saw Jesse Jackson force himself to cry when he noticed the camera pointed at him. This despite wanting to cut off Barrack’s balls earlier this year. Seriously, what has happened to this man?

We saw Oprah holding hands with Straightman … er … Steadfast … um … Stedman.

We saw gay rights trampled as the term marriage was legally redefined in California, Florida, Arizona and Arkansas. Proving that, no matter how far we think we’ve come by electing our first black president, America is still very much an ass-backwards, puritanical and phobia-prone nation.

And if you thought this was all just about the gays …

We saw unmarried straight couples in Florida and Arkansas oddly lose their rights to adopt or foster children. Proving that holier-than-thou fanatics really do not know the difference between right and wrong. What they do know is how to use the hype over–and the lack of media coverage on anything other than–this presidential election to sneak their agenda in under the radar.

While I’m hopeful for our future, I’m still very cautious. Obama will be good for us. Of that, I have no doubt. However, we’re still fighting amongst ourselves about personal philosophies that, in and of themselves, make no real difference in the world. Yet all of these petty battles over sex and marriage and choice and religion will only get in the way of much-needed progress.

People, we can learn from last night. Learn about tolerance and intolerance. Hope and hate. It’s time to grow up America and understand that as much as you might want to take rights away from one group who offend you in some way, remember that someday they can easily do the same to you.

And for what?

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