The Green Fest at Maxwell’s

Music and activism presented by More Than A Vote. An afternoon of great local music and tips on how to live more environmentally responsible

Music and activism presented by More Than A Vote

May 16, 2010: It was an afternoon of great local music and tips on how to to live more environmentally responsible at Maxwell’s (1039 Washington St, Hoboken).

The days events were presented by More Than A Vote, a group that believes that simply voting on election day — while important — is just not enough any more.

Flipping a switch is no longer enough. Announcing “More than a Vote” an organization dedicated to informing the public how to take action and help change our world. Personally, Locally, Nationally, Globally!

There were great performances by local musicians Bill Hamilton, Grateful Strings, Elena & Boo of the Demolition String Band and Scott E Moore. In between the sets of music, our hostess and organizer Jennifer Lampert conducted interviews with activists and city officials trying to make a difference.

Recycling and conservation may seem like common sense, but Hoboken has taken a while to get in on the Green movement.

Much of the resistance is the fault of this being home to transient students, many of whom don’t feel the need to clean up after themselves, let alone recycle. Then again, some old timers are none too innocent. For example, I had a landlord here in Hoboken years ago who, when I asked about recycling, told me that, as long as I used thick, black plastic bags, I didn’t have to worry about it.

The good news is, there are people in City Hall now who care enough to move the environmental concerns of Hoboken to the front burner. Mayor Zimmer is a huge supporter of green initiatives as is my friend Dave Calamoneri. Dave has been the force behind the annual Farmer’s Market which happens every Tuesday from early June thru early November and he has recently been placed in charge of Hoboken’s Environmental Department (Town Tree Hugger as he calls it).

Some recent environmental victories have included a successful recycling program at city hall, the first recylcing program at The Hoboken Arts & Music Festival, and the planting of seventy five trees throughout the city.

The tree planting happened over just three days earlier this month. As for the recycling, because of state incentives, an efficient program will actually save the city money. And, in the end, it doesn’t matter what side of the green fence you sit on. Everyone can relate to saving money.

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