Another Reason to Hate Ticketmaster

This time, it’s personal! It took a second to settle in that the tickets purchased were sold ten days after the tour was canceled

This time, it’s personal…

There are plenty of reasons why Ticketmaster was recently picked as one of the worst companies in America (second to Comcast). Ridiculous fees, ticket hording, federally supported monopoly and so on. However, what happened to me and my friends last night was a step too far even for this evil giant.

On March 15, my buddy Lava bought tickets for Killing Joke at Irving Plaza, NYC. To say we were psyched for the show which was supposed to be last night (May 21), would be beyond an understatement.

We four ticket holders were meeting for drinks beforehand. The whole way there, I was buzzing like a giddy old-fart punk itching to relive a long-gone club life. In my head, I was back in the Eighties on a dark sweaty dance floor in Newark.

After a few beers at Old Town Bar, we made our way to Irving Plaza. That’s when we found out that the show had been canceled. Settling in for a few more beers at Shades of Green, we got more info about the cancellation.

A quick look at Killing Joke bassist Youth’s MySpace blog revealed back on March 5 that the entire tour was being rescheduled.

It took a second to settle in and then we all realized that Lava bought our tickets ten days after the band announced the cancellation of the tour!!

So tell me, where was the email from Ticketmaster warning that the tickets Lava had bought were for a canceled show? After all, an email is required for ordering online. And they had no problem charging him for the tickets.

It’s just another douche move from a douche company.

The show was rescheduled for December 3. Hopefully I will be publishing a review of that show, instead of another Ticketmaster rant. My fingers are crossed.

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