Boring Legal Stuff

In this world of nasties, I unfortunately need to tell you this stuff. I know that you would never do anything to betray my trust, but here we go anyway.

My independent spirit tells me that I should let you freely copy this material. OK, but be sure to adhere to the following or I’ll have to release the dogs on you.

Unless otherwise noted, all contents of this site are © Stephen Bailey, LLC and absolutely no material from this web site may be copied, distributed, republished, uploaded, posted and/or transmitted in any way without first obtaining permission. Permission will only be granted if proper credit and a link back to this site are provided.

Since this information is offered to you for free, no portion of this information may be sold or traded for profit of any kind by you or anyone else. Which means quite simply, don’t sell what ain’t yours bub!!! If you know of this material being used improperly, tell me.

Now go and share what you’ve learned. While you’re out, can you pick me up a nice pastrami sandwich? I’m famished. Maybe a cool beverage too.