The Hoboken Irish Get Their Beer

The upcoming Hoboken Irish Cultural Festival has secured their beer permit. No self-respecting festival should go without beer.

While the consumption of beer is not the focal point of the newly announced Hoboken Irish Cultural Festival, beer is a vital social lubricant at any self-respecting festival.

Apparently not enough attention has been given to the fact that beer that will be available that evening. It really shouldn’t need to be said. However, since it apparently does, just let me say it now; There will indeed be beer.

According to organizer Chris Halleron, the festival acquired a beer permit so Guinness, Harp and Smithwick’s will be flowing on tap thanks to Peerless Beverages.

As is the case with other concessions on that day, all proceeds from beer sales will benefit The Hoboken Shelter and Hoboken American Legion Post 107.


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