Anthony Fiumano Is Now Anthony Walker

The first thing I noticed was the need for earplugs as this prolific songwriter paved a new way for himself

Prolific songwriter paves a new way for himself

The first thing I noticed about the new Anthony Fiumano … I mean Walker, was the need for earplugs. The timid young man crooning folk songs I had met several years ago was now belting those same folk themes with a harder (louder) edge.

Anthony Walker

I got to catch the new Anthony Walker and The Medicine Chest at their debut last night at Maxwell’s (1039 Washington, Hoboken). The country tinges of his folk sound wer not lost in the raw volume of this new incarnation, just more rock was infused.

It was a raw and clever, rough and solid set of music. A very different orchestration from even the EP they were supporting. But, if nothing else, this showed the diversity of the songs, the songwriter and the band. It’s great to see someone dance so freely on the wire between soft and hard while doing them both so well.

So, why the change? Well, let’s face it, ‘Walker’ is more marquee friendly than ‘Fiumano’. According to Anthony, he had been kicking around the idea of a pseudonym for some time. With the coming of this maturing departure from his past sound, he felt the time was right to introduce Mr. Walker.

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New name or not, the new music is a great compliment to Anthony’s growing catalog. Do yourself a favor and get the new EP. Then, go see them live. You’ll be glad you did.

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