Gibbypalooza 2009

This year’s celebration of music and friends was massive, messy and loud. Just as it should’ve been.

Oct 3, 2009: The moon was full. The night was warm. The climb to the beelmedia loft was long. Anyone who has ever been to a party here knows that the climb up those stairs is well worth it. And this night was no different.

Being the emcee was an honor for me. I got there a little early to get a handle on the layout of the room and the schedule. Right away we were running late, but (not to toot my own horn) we ended the night on schedule. The cops seemed to think otherwise, but I stand by my stopwatch.

The night was a massively loud, joyously messy, clusterfuckingly grand time as is the case whenever beelmedia opens their doors. Not to mention the food, booze, amazing bands and the man we were honoring. Chris “Gibby” Gibson.

Gibby, CraftLass and Katherine (sounds like a great name for a band)

Gibby has played a major role in the Hoboken scene for many years thru Upstart Studios and High Speed Chase. If you asked him this past Saturday, he’d say he just turned 29 and we’ve been doing this party since 1902.

Then again, what’s in a number? Real age is what you feel and real history is proof of itself. No sense in trying to make sense of it all.

The party was a party to be remembered. In the end, after all of the bullshit of the music industry and cooperate lunacy that surrounds it, fun and the music are all that matter. And tonight … it was fun.

The Bands:
Troy The Enigma (Acoustic)
– Time Lord (Acoustic)
– Ed Smith & The Ego
– Dawn Botti of New Day Dawn (Acoustic)
High Speed Chase
The Fave (Acoustic)
Dave Calamoneri (Acoustic)
Jon D’Angelo
Cecilia Celeste

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2 Responses to “Gibbypalooza 2009”

  1. CraftLass
    10/10/09 at 4:08 pm #

    Aww! How did I manage to miss THIS post? lol What a great time and I love the pic, please email me the full-res one when you get a chance (definitely needs to go in my digital frame, pronto).

    Thanks for being such a great emcee and can’t wait ’til the next one!

  2. CraftLass
    10/10/09 at 4:24 pm #

    Oh, and that DOES sound like a great name for a band!!!

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